<The Fallen> is recruiting!!

We are a Level 9 Guardian Casual Guild on Briarcliff looking for members for End game raiding and some occasional PVP.

  • Currently we are farming T2s for marks and the occasional piece of gear.
  • We are looking to form a core 10man raid group that can be online and prepared at set times. 
  • We are preparing to continuing into the 20man raids.
  • We are looking for people that like to have fun and want to progress through end game content.
  • We provide a fun mature atmosphere free of drama.
  • We have a dedicated vent server.
  • We are planning for raid times around 7-11pm EST.

Please know that if you join we will require that you be active and contribute. 

We are not a steping point to get into a raiding guild.  We are a raiding guild!

For more information pst to any officer or Thunderchikn!